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Welcome to the first tumblr dedicated to the relationship between USA Suits' paralegal Rachel Zane and fake laywer Mike Ross.

The title of this blog comes from episode 4 "Dirty Little Secrets", in which Mike and Rachel play a married couple.

You'll find here everything Mike/Rachel related. Feel free to submitted anything you have to share, and send us an ask if you want to!

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18 April 2014

Make Me Choose ➳ Stiles\Lydia or Mike\Rachel[asked by raynies]

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14 April 2014

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5 April 2014

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18 March 2014

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18 March 2014


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18 March 2014

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18 March 2014

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18 March 2014


One of the cutest couples in television currently

18 March 2014

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18 March 2014
4 February 2014

The bed scene from 3x01 has over 7 million views on YouTube.

Thought it was worth mentioning because holy shit.

9 September 2013
3 September 2013

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16 August 2013

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14 August 2013


( in no particular order )

Rachel Elizabeth Zane - Suits USA

  Rachel: This is gonna take a while. We’re gonna need dinner. 
  Mike: Chinese. 
  Rachel: No. I can afford Chinese on my own. This is on the firm. I   want sushi.

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